Burgers are very common foods that are known to be mostly consumed at the United States and Germany. Burgers are made up of bread burn that has been sliced into two then a number of fillings have been put inside of it. Burgers are like tacos. They do not have a restricted type of filling that should be placed in between the sliced bun. They have a diverse nature and it is for this reason that there are very many kinds of burgers.  The main origin of burgers is not clearly known since many people have been known to consume burgers from time immemorial. They are eaten by a large group of people no wander they cannot be classified as a one- race food like tacos. Burgers can be made out of meat or vegetables (for vegetarians) as the main filling inside of them.

Below are the different types of burgers:


  • Beef burgers

Just as the name suggests, cheese burgers are made out of beef as the main filling. But this beef has to be properly grounded and made into a circular patty. These burgers are topped up with some typed of vegetables like lettuce and tomatoes. The beef patty is well fried and might sometimes fall off when one is eating but that is not a big deal since the burger itself remains to be tantalizing. 



  • Turkey burgers

Turkey burgers are made up of turkey meat that has been well prepared by seasoning and marinated in extreme perfection. Turkey burgers are more filled than the beef burgers and are by far healthier. The turkey patty is made to be thicker by adding extra ingredients to season it. After the patties have been made, they are sandwiched inside the sliced bun together with other ingredients like vegetables, mayo, onions and tomatoes.


  • Veggie burgers

Veggie burgers are burgers that are designed for vegans. They contain a patty that has been made from non- meat ingredients. The most common patty that is used for these kinds of burgers include: soybeans, mushrooms, nuts and grains. These patties should be well grilled or baked and then seasoned to create a finger licking edgy taste. After the patty has been made, the rest of the fillings are put inside the bun. Most of these burgers are normally topped up with vegetables like lettuce, onions and tomatoes. Some people go on further to add tomato paste or sauce and mayo on top of the toppings and patty.



  • Cheese burgers

Cheese burgers are made up of beef as the main patty then topped with grilled cheese. After the meat patty has been properly made, the cheese is put on top of it so that it can melt off. Cheese burgers are the most popular hamburgers as they are much tastier than the other types of burgers.