Tacos are dishes that are known to draw their origin from Mexico. They are a food type that was traditionally prepared by the Spanish people. It is said that the tacos were invented in the 18th century by a Beral Diaz. He was the first person to ever produce a documentation series that showcased a bunch of sailors and captains eating the tacos. However, many people have come up with numerous theories that explain the origin and real inventors of the tacos. But this is the theory that many people prefer going with. Norwegians are the people who are known to always consume the most tacos in the world. This is according to a research that was conducted by the VG.

The process of making tacos is very easy. The challenging part only comes about when you are preparing the fillings. It is made up of a rolled out wheat tortilla that has been added on numerous fillings of all kinds. There are different kinds of tacos and what brings about their differences is the usage of different fillings inside the rolled out wheat tortilla. These are the kinds of fillings that people commonly use in the preparation of different types of tacos: Chicken, beef, cheese, vegetables, pork and also see food. The other thing that brings about the differences in tacos is how they are prepared. Below are some examples of tacos:


  • Tacos al pastor

Taco al pastor is prepared by roasting pork then shaving it properly on a well grilled wheat tortilla. The pork has to be perfectly roasted adding all of the required spices so that it can have a distinctive taste. The person preparing this kind of taco should be creative and add some other ingredients that are going to make the taco have a unique taste. The good thing is that the ingredients are not restricted. This is the reason why many people decide to dress the taco with pine apples on top or even vegetables.

Once the fillings have been made, they are put inside the grilled wheat tortilla then folded properly. Flour mixed with water serves as the glue which seals the top of the folded tortilla. After this the taco is deep fried.



  • Tacos de canasta

This type of taco is made up of fillings that are of a saucy nature rather than meat or cheese. The most common type of fillings in these tacos are : fried beans, potatoes, abodo and chicharron. They are very thin and have that wet and soggy feeling. After the fillings have been added onto the grilled tortilla, it is prepared the same way as the tacos al pastor. Generally, all tacos are prepared the same way.



  • Tacos de lengua

Just from the name, these tacos are made up of beef tongue as the main filling.  The tongue is braised with many other ingredients that make it have that edgy taste. It is up to the person who is preparing this taco to be diverse and use different types of ingredients to braise the beef tongue. These three are the most common types of tacos. There over thirty different types of tacos that people from all walks of lives prepare.