Chicken Pomodoro Pasta

Chicken Pomodoro is one of the easiest meals to prepare. It takes a very short time to cook and if you do it right, you could have it ready in less than 40 minutes. It is a perfect fit when you are in a hurry and you are looking to prepare and grab something real quick. So how can you prepare it? Easy.

Chicken Pomodoro is primarily prepared using fresh ingredients. To prepare this dish you'll need chicken breast meat preferably boneless, chicken steak seasoning, salt, cooking oil, flour, tomatoes and pepper. It is important to note that once you start cooking everything comes quick and fast and therefore you should prepare all your ingredients before you start cooking. Ignore this and you'll be left ruing where it all went wrong.

First, lightly season the chicken breast meat with salt and pepper and then dust it with some flour. Add cooking oil and sauté the chicken. Be careful not to use excess oil. 2 tablespoons should be enough. Ensure that they turn golden. This stage is not meant to entirely cook the chicken. It is just a prepping stage. The sauce prepared in this stage is used to give the chicken a fine finish at the end. This gives the chicken a succulent juicy taste at the end.

Once this is done, remove and chicken breasts and allow them to platter. Pour off the excess oil from the pan and deglaze the pan using some wine or vodka. Once the pan is clean, return the chicken breast meat and allow them to properly cook. Once cooked, add the tomatoes and cream the pan. Heat through them and pour over the chicken. Your chicken pomodoro should be ready. Serve while hot.