Hot Dogs

 Hot Dog

Hot dogs are any time snacks, they do not have a time specification or limit. You can take them for breakfast, lunch, dinner or an in between meal or at night as a late night snack.

This short article is going to take you through the preparation of hot dogs from scratch. Just make sure you have your long bread buns that have been sliced half way and a sausage of any kind. Beef, pork or chicken but it has to be a wiener.

All what you have to do to make the hot dog is to fry the wiener together with meat slurry, garlic and paprika that have been coated on it. Make sure it assumes a golden color. After frying, just put it inside the bread bun and add some mayonnaise, tomato sauce and salt (salt is optional) on top of the wiener. This is how simple it is to make hot dogs.