Pizzas are the most common types of western foods. They are consumed in almost all corners of the world.  It draws its origin from Italy. Traditionally, the Italians would consume the pizzas during ceremonies and at dinner.

The popularity of pizzas started during the colonization periods where the Italians shared this recipe with other colonies. Gradually, many people became intrigued by this kind of food and this is how it became worldly accepted by many.

Pizzas are made by adding several toppings onto a leaven dough that has been made from wheat. The different types of toppings placed on this dough are what bring about the different types of pizzas. After the topping have been put on the dough, the pizza is normally baked inside an oven at extremely high temperatures. Below are the most common pizzas that are being consumed almost daily by people:


  • Hawaiian pizza

Hawaiian pizza draws its origin from Canada, contrary to its name which suggests it comes from the Hawaiian Islands. This type of pizza has a variety of toppings that are added onto it. However, what makes it distinctive from the other types of pizzas that share its ingredients is the fact that it has pineapple toppings. The preferred pineapple toppings should be the canned ones not freshly sliced pineapples. The other ingredients that are used to prepare the pizza are cheese, ham, tomato paste and onions. The good thing is that one can choose to add whichever toppings on the dough provided you include the pineapple slices.


  • BBQ pizza

BBQ pizza is made out of mixing BBQ sauce together with chicken, onions and cheese. This type of pizza was invented in the mid 1980’s by a chef known as Ed LaDou. His recipe is still the one being used up to date. However, some few amendments have been done on the kind of toppings used to prepare this pizza. Many people like incorporating skimmed mozzarella and cheddar as additional toppings onto the pizza. This makes it have a very savory and delectable taste.


  • Meat deluxe pizza

This pizza is also commonly referred to as meat lover’s pizza. It has the most toppings compared to all other kinds of pizzas. Meat of all kind is what makes up most of its toppings. It has meatballs, grilled beef, beef sausages and mushrooms.

This kind of pizza should have a very thick crust because it has so many toppings. If the crust was to be made a little bit slender, then most of its toppings are going to fall down when being eaten.